Subject: Bone

"My style is all about taking chances. I’ve never been one to be safe. Safe is for people who don’t have confidence in their skills, or people who actually lack skill. (Taking risks) can have two effects: You can scare the shit out of (the crowd) and they’ll think that you’re horrible, or they’ll love you. If I can do the tricks and the beat is still on ... that moves the standard up. No one will see it, but the next time they go hear someone who just does a straight beat-match on every mix ... they’re gonna be thinkin’, ‘Why aren’t I as excited as I was when I listened to Bone?’ I put emotion into them – it’s not just a kick drum, drum rolls and effects. You can’t put funk into something that doesn’t have funk. If I take two mediocre records ... and put effects on top of that and push some button, that’s just too many condiments on the hot dog. You’re just dressing up the bare essence, which wasn’t that good to begin with. You’ve gotta have funk at the core – you have to."

"It's important to me as I feel the need to constantly progress skill-wise and I feel my 3 deck sets are truly unique. Many DJs have 3 decks in front of them but how often do they actually have 3 records playing at once (with the levels up)? I feel very natural with 3."

Dj Bone, modest ca intotdeauna:)
Pe site-ul www.dj-bone.com inca mai exista data de 9 august rezervata pentru Romania cu mentiunea TBC. Avand in vedere ca Romanian Electronic Festival are putini sorti de izbanda, ce sanse ar mai fi sa-l vedem in alta parte pe la noi...ma poarta gandul la un Sunwaves...

Pana la lansarea celui mai mic zvon, descarcati ultimul mix din seria Attack 26.06.2008 din care sesizam ca Bone a mai dat o tura binevenita pe la magazinul de viniluri si si-a mai improspatat colectia aici sau ascultati-l direct acolo.

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